Chromebook Device Purchasing 

On this page you'll find the most recent pricing schedule from the Toki Pounamu Education Trust, for the Chromebook learning package.

There are resources on this page that guide you through use of a Chromebook, which are taught to students through the 'Digital Dig' resource.

Read the 'Kawa of Care' documentation here for further information about caring for your Chromebook to meet the requirements for warranty and insurance.

2024 Manaiakalani Device Care Package:


When you purchase your device from Toki Pounamu / Manaiakalani Education Trust you get:

If you purchase your device outside of our Trust you will get:

To increase your warranty to 3 years you will pay the above price of $79.99 and to purchase the 3 Year Damage Protection it will cost $129.99.  A Targus Bag will cost between $40 to $60 – depending on which type you choose.  These prices have been supplied to us by Noel Leeming as at 22 November.  If you have any issues with your device our schools cannot offer any IT support and you will have to return it to the retailer you purchased it from.

Parent _ Caregiver Information Sheet 2024.pdf

How to Purchase a Chromebook for your child?

⚪  You can pay for your child's Chromebook by paying the full amount 


⚪  You can pay as part of the Toki Pounamu Trust Payment Plan

see the links below for more information.

36 mth Quick reference 2024 Price Schedule.pdf

Select below how you would like to pay:


The Toki Pounamu Education Trust is a completely separate entity from any school and retains control of all devices until they have been paid for in full.  Our aim is to ensure that all students have access to devices for their learning but we cannot allow accounts to go unpaid. We ask that anyone who has problems (for whatever reason) around servicing their debt either contact their school or Monica Robbins at Toki Pounamu.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the ‘glitches’ that we all sometimes have but if you do not let us know, we cannot help you. All information shared with us is confidential and will not be discussed other than with your school. If accounts are not being paid the following processes will be put in place:    

We cannot stress enough how important it is to let us know if there is a problem with payment – we may be able to help you by reorganising your payment options to better suit you.

As a final note – no device is to have any painting or decoration (stickers or otherwise) on it until it is fully paid up. If your child is moving away or no longer requires their chromebook, we cannot onsell it if it has been ‘personalised’ and you will be liable for the debt.

Any questions or queries please feel free to contact your own school or Monica at Grey Main School – phone 03 768 5411 extn 119 or .

2024 Manaiakalani Device Care Package:

Manaiakalani Device Care Development - summary T&C MET 1.0.docx.pdf

Internet at Home support

Internet in Homes Poster.pdf

Learning about effective use of your device:

Digital Dig - Toki Pounamu

Students will complete the 'Digital Dig' in class. It will guide them through how to work all of the functions of their Chromebook, so that they can work quickly and efficiently on their device - so that they can focus on their learning.