Kawa of Care

Kawa of Care

The 'Kawa of Care' is an agreement between students, parents and schools to ensure the best care and responsibility is exercised with Chromebooks.

Read the agreement document below, and view the slideshow to understand all aspects of the Kawa of Care.

Click this link to open, view, or download a PDF copy of the Kawa of Care agreement. View this link to see a Google Doc of the Kawa of Care.

Kawa of Care 2019

The Kawa of Care is an agreement between students, parents and schools to ensure the best care and responsibility is exercised with the Chromebook during each student’s time in the Toki Pounamu programme. There are three important areas to acknowledge as a user of the Chromebook:

  • Responsible use agreement:
    • Student
    • Family/Whanau
  • Chromebook to Home:
    • Family/Whanau engagement
  • Insurance:
    • User conditions

Please read through each area of the Kawa of Care and initial in the labeled section to acknowledge you understand and agree to the terms.

1. Responsible Use Agreement:

Student agreement:

  • I will respect the equipment (my Chromebook, power charger and bag) by always looking after it and keeping it safe.
  • I will respect others by always using this Chromebook to interact with anyone in a kind, positive and helpful way.
  • I will make the most of this opportunity to learn lots of new things and to share these with others.
  • I will always be in the right place, at the right time when I am online. If in doubt I will ask my teacher or parent.
  • I will protect my password and keep it completely secret.
  • I will log out when I am not using my Chromebook.
  • When I take my Chromebook home, I will keep it safe when I am not using it.
  • When I take my Chromebook home, I will make sure I bring it to school to use in the same condition that I was given it.
  • Once I am able to take the Chromebook home, I will bring it back to school everyday, charged and ready to use.

Parent agreement:

  • I will use only the guest account when using my child’s Chromebook for my own use.
  • I will attend a parent chromebook training session to support my child’s learning at home.
  • I will ensure we apply Cybersmart values at home. If I am unsure of Cybersmart values, I will attend a parent chromebook session.
  • I will interact with my child’s learning in a kind, positive and helpful way.
  • I will respect the terms of the Credit Sale Agreement by:
    • ensuring payments are upheld as agreed to in the Credit Sale Agreement.
    • if I leave the cluster, ensure the outstanding amount is paid in full in order to keep the device OR ensure any outstanding debt is paid off and the device returned to the school in good working order (including bag and charger). I understand that I will not be reimbursed for the payments I have made.
  • I will respect the terms of the ‘Kawa of Care’ and ensure my child is encouraged to be a responsible user.
  • I will work with my child to keep all equipment safe when it is at home and provide a secure place to store it and charge it.
  • I understand that decorating or painting a Chromebook that has not been paid for in full is unacceptable. If a chromebook has been deemed “not resalable” because of unauthorised decoration/painting etc then the Credit Sales Agreement holder is responsible for full financial settlement of the account.

School agreement:

  • To offer technical support for students Chromebooks where applicable.
  • To ensure the learning environment adheres to the Cybersmart curriculum.
  • To support parents in engaging with student work.


2. Chromebook to Home

Family/Whanau Engagement: Parent Chromebook Training

Parents are expected to complete parent Chromebook training before their child’s Chromebook goes home. This training will give helpful and informative teaching to ensure the Chromebook is used as agreed to in the Kawa of Care. It also supports parents to increase their own computer skills.

NB: Parent chromebook training sessions are run through the school. Information about these sessions will be communicated from the school office.

3. Insurance

The Toki Pounamu Project includes insurance provision in the event of unintentional damage or loss of the Chromebook. This is part of the package you signed up for when you purchased the Chromebook. As long as the children and family have adhered to the ‘User Conditions’ below, the Chromebooks are insured.

There will be no excess charged on insurance claims for any devices purchased from 1 July 2017, however, please note that there are no longer unlimited claims available - all devices will only be allowed 3 insurance claims maximum.

User Conditions

All Chromebooks must have a safe place for charging and storage.

When using your Chromebook:

1. No food or drink is allowed near your Chromebook.

2. If you are charging your Chromebook while using it, you must work in a space so that no one will be able to walk on or damage your charger while you are using it. Make sure the cables will not create a hazard to the Chromebook or other people.

3. If you are working at a table, keep your Chromebook away from the edges and other contents that could lead to the damage of your Chromebook.

4. If you are working on the floor, choose a space where people can see you so they don’t trip over and hurt you, themselves or damage the Chromebook.

5. If you leave the classroom or house your Chromebook must be locked in the chosen safe place.

When moving your Chromebook:

1. If you are passing your Chromebook to anyone or carrying your Chromebook in the classroom you must:

  • Ensure the lid is closed.
  • You must carry it with two hands.
  • Only carry one Chromebook at a time.

2. When Chromebooks are being carried anywhere outside they must be:

  • Inside their bag, without the charger (the charger is to be left at home)
  • The bag must be carried by its handles OR inside a suitable school bag/backpack.
  • The charger is not to be placed in the bag (the zip will break).
  • It must be protected from rain and wet or damp conditions at all times.


Kawa of Care Agreement

The following school, child and parent(s) have recognised the terms in the Kawa of Care and have agreed to partner together to ensure all elements of this document will be upheld during the user’s time in the Toki Pounamu programme.

__________________________________________________________________________________ (School)

__________________________________________________________________________________ (Student)

__________________________________________________________________________________ (Parent)

Date: ____________________________________________________________________________

Once signed, a copy of this agreement will be held on file at the child’s school.

Device to Home Agreement (For Primary Schools)

An agreement has been made between:

__________________________________________________________________________________ (School)


__________________________________________________________________________________ (Student)


__________________________________________________________________________________ (Parent)

That the Chromebook is allowed to go home during the selected times and that the Kawa of Care will be upheld during this time.

The device goes home on:

  • Weeknights ❐
  • Weekends ❐
  • Holidays ❐

Any changes to this agreement will be in writing by parent(s) to the school.

Date: _______________________________________________________________________________________________