High School Blogging



Blogging supports and enables you to share your learning and develop your knowledge and understanding through blogging for an authentic audience - real people, online, everywhere. 

Sharing to improve your understanding of new ideas enables you to develop greater ownership of your learning, increases your engagement in learning, and when used in conjunction with the learn create share approach and blogging, improves your learning outcomes and assessment results. Effective blogging is also a vehicle for you to develop and practise being cybersmart publicly online, supporting you to develop positive and proactive strategies to successfully navigate the digital world, and leave a positive, discoverable digital footprint wherever you go online.

Learning doesn't just happen by yourself in your head, after you've heard, read, or practised applying new information. That's part of the learning process, but the other major part of learning happens socially - when we share and test our ideas together, share perspectives, opinions, questions, make suggestions to improve ideas, and construct new meaning and understandings that we hadn't considered by ourselves, to create knowledge that is original and new to us. 

Socially constructed learning works best with a real audience who is interested in the same problems and questions about learning that you are dealing with. By sharing online, you get a much bigger audience than just your peers in your class - you can tap into a global audience and expertise, anywhere, anytime.

Your blog will show the development of your thinking over time, it's not just for sharing final products of your learning.