School Leaders PLG

Toki Pounamu school leaders lead strong pedagogical practice in their school to:

  • Uphold the kaupapa of Toki Pounamu and The Manaiakalani Outreach Programme in their school
  • Show the stages of the 'Learn Create Share' pedagogy and Cybersmart curriculum are evident in the leader's practices, both in and out of class and online
  • Provide leadership within the school to other teachers
  • Ensure that learning is visible and accessible within the school
  • Provide regular reporting and feedback to their school from each term's Leaders PLG
  • Provide support and expertise with all stages of the implementation of 'Learn Create Share' and the Cybersmart curriculum in the classroom and online
  • Plan for the integration of the Cybersmart curriculum in their school
  • Support, actively engage in and promote at timely intervals online toolkits, events and cluster online communities
  • Provide feedback to the principal, facilitators and researchers on the progress of their class and the digital immersion teachers in their school
  • Supply data as requested by the researchers
  • Meet with the facilitator on a regular basis for support and mentoring
  • Build in regular meeting times to discuss progress with the digital immersion teachers in their school
  • Support the goals of the Toki Pounamu programme across the cluster through participating fully in the school leaders professional learning group
  • Feedback to the school any actions they need to take relating to cluster coherence and agreed activity


2019 T1 TP Lead Teachers PLG
2019 T2 TP Lead Teachers PLG
2019 T3 TP Lead Teachers PLG


2018 T1 Toki Lead Teachers PLG
2018 T4 Leads PLG


2017 Toki T1 Leader’s PLG - LCS and Inquiry
2017 T2 Toki Leaders PLG
2017 T3 Toki Leaders PLG
2017 T4 Toki lead Teachers PLG


2016 T1 Toki Leaders PLG - Blogs, Testing, Digital Immersion
2016 T2 Toki Leaders PLG - Create, DLOs, SAMR, SISOMO
2016 T3 Toki Leaders PLG - Online Sharing and Blogging
2016 T4 Toki Leaders PLG - Multi-Modal Opportunities


2016 Continued

2015 T3 Toki Leaders PLG - Research and Inquiry
2015 T4 Toki Leaders PLG - Planning for Visible Teaching
Digital Immersion Facilitation Team January 2016
2016 T2 Toki - Creating to Learn Resource