Creativity Tools


Film Making

Drawing, Image Editing, Word Clouds

Slide Presentations, Posters, Flip Books, Interactive Images

Animated Presentations, Characters, Sprites

Video, Video Editing, and Video Note-Taking

Music and Audio Editing

Computational Thinking, Coding, Game Creation, Virtual & Artificial Reality

Collaborate, Collate, Organise, Curate, Brainstorm


Website Creation

Timelines, Mapping, Story Mapping


Assessment for Learning, Formative Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment, Quiz

Learning Practice Websites



Song writing, bands, Kapa Haka, cultural performance, poems, singing, creating a rap or tune to get a message across, music production, DJ mixing/turntablism, music video, digital composition, arrange tracks, record vocals, capture sound, mix audio, sound scapes, playing musical instruments and creating your own musical interpretation of a classical piece eg: Beethoven’s 5th symphony was jazzed up in the 80’s.


Rhythmic gymnastics, dance, drama, sports, outside-game-design, modelling concepts, writing/performing plays, games based approach to writing and reading, choreograph your version of a song.


Panoramas, architecture, making, models, playdoh, weaving, cooking, furniture making, bridge building, welding, panel beating, engineering, boat making, building, sewing, knitting, crochet, macrame, origami.

Visual Art

Painting, using artist models to help represent concepts outside of Art, advertising, digital artistry, printing, sculptures, multi media, clay, kiln design (raku), carving (mahi whakairo) - wood, stone, vermiculite, jewellery design, papier mache, decoupage, found materials, identify and frame compelling subjects, experiment with light and shadow, explore all aspects of composition, graffiti, calligraphy.

Graphic Art

Animation, graphics, photography, model making, drawing, designing, 3D, 2D, interpret existing ideas and express own, screen-printing, cartoons.


Storytelling, argumentation, impromptu, lip sync, mime, solo/duos/bands, theatre challenge, plays, rap, speech, poetry recital, improvise on the spot,


Writing, poetic writing, debating, speeches, seminars, socratic debate, Paideia, schoolpaedia to show/display school-wide learning, create a quiz to test student’s knowledge/learning using a google form.


Combining/synthesising art/creative/expressive forms to make meaning in a digital world: Intermedia arts, New Media arts.

Digital Technology

3D printing, coding, movie making, multimedia, animations, podcasts, blogs, news segments, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart phones, app creation, rocketry, CAD/CAM/CNC, movies, slides presentations, Explain Everything, music videos.


Entrepreneurial activity, campaigns, public submissions, product design, originality, extended abstract, collaboration (SOLO multistructural, relational) start up company, socio-political activism, researching the abstract, taking on the role and thinking of a scientist, historian, environmentalist, dramatist, comedian, biologist, PM, famous person from the past, futurist, circus performer, slave, soldier, humanitarian aid worker, nurse, doctor, designer, presentations to an audience on contentious theme, TED talk, Critical thinking, Divergent thinking, Respectful thinking, marketing, perspectives, philosophical thinking: the what ifs?


Reading, acting, performing, poetry, story writing, movie scripts, plays, design & write make picture book, figurative language using songs, construct strong narratives, writing from different perspectives, collaborative storybooks, pick a path stories, write instructions on how to do something or use something, eg; how to create google form and a chart, crosswords: create your own. writing templates, sentence frames, sentence starters.


Experiments, rockets, hot spot animation, hypothesis, explore time with science resources, sustainability projects.


Speeches, poetry, shared reading, using explain everything to showcase reading, slam poetry, rap, using Powtoon to demonstrate understanding themes or main ideas/ retelling a story, review a story, or book or chapter, connect with others by reading their blogs and commenting.


Statistics (pretty much any PE activity can be turned into a stats investigation), PPDAC (problem, plan, data, analysis, conclusion), make song/rap with actions (using found or created music) to remember mathematical concepts or terminology.
Create Symmetry Art - design artwork to explain reflective and rotational symmetry, Tukutuku panels, Harakeke.
Problem solving - create a rich problem (something that encourages exploration), or re-contextualise a given problem, create a script to act out the problem, act out the problem, writing books, stories in the context of mathematics, videos, animations, perspective drawing - explore proportions and ratios in the context of perspective drawing, record result of their self-testing on google sheet, chart their progress using chart and evaluate their performance: what do they need to improve on, conduct statistical surveys google form and analyse the responses on a sheet.