The Toki Pounamu

Education Trust

The establishment of the Toki Pounamu Education Trust is associated with a wider, comprehensive renewal programme for the West Coast, known as the West Coast Transformation Programme, and also an education initiative, known as the Toki Pounamu Programme, which involves schools and the community of the West Coast and the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

"Toki Pounamu" is the 'Sharp Edge of Learning", being "Toki" (Maori Adze) symbolising authority, strength and triumph over adversity. The overall aim of the Toki Pounamu Education Trust is to develop the capacity of children and families in the West Coast community through the advancement of learning.

In particular, it is intended that the Toki Pounamu Education Trust will be involved in promoting, implementing and developing, in conjunction with various other stakeholders, learning infrastructure and programmes to be delivered on the West Coast, and will give children, families and teachers in the WestCoast community the opportunity to access appropriate learning tools so that they can benefit from such infrastructure and programmes, both at school and at home.

At the end of 2019, two founding members of the Trust leave us, and we thank them for their considerable contribution to and support of the Toki Pounamu Trust: Tony Kokshoorn and Corrina Gestro-Best.

Current Members of the Trust:

Chairperson - Phillip Dittmer

Trustees - Amanda O'Sullivan, Tania Gibson, Marina Tomasi-Atkinson, Shoshy Perchig-Gibli, 

Toki Pounamu Principal (Hokitika) - Rachel King

Executive Officer - Monica Robbins

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