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Cybersmart is part of the Toki Pounamu goals for online learning, creating and sharing

Being Cybersmart empowers learners as connected citizens. When learning is visible and accessible, anytime, any place, at any pace, our young people learn to make smart decisions and understand that every time they connect, collaborate and share online it combines to create their digital footprint.

Where 1:1 iPads are deployed for the first time it is critical that Smart Learners is used to introduce learners to iPads in a 1:1 environment.
We recommend Smart Learners is introduced in sequence.Enable learners sufficient time to practise and connect with key elements of the Kawa of Care before introducing new learning.
Identify opportunities for learners to connect with key learning within existing programmes of learning. This means practising what they are learning , everyday. It is critical to establish routines and expectations early to support future learning.
Think about how you advertise yourself online.
Remember it will be there forever.
Share content that you and your whānau will be proud of.
Understand the difference between private and public information.
Being cybersmart empowers our young people to become confident decision makers when they share and interact online and helps create a positive digital footprint.
Whenever and wherever we share online it's personal, visible and amplified. It is personal because we are sharing information about ourselves. Creating a positive digital footprint means learning to make smart decisions about what personal information we share and what personal information we keep private. If we are not sure we check with a trusted adult or keep it private.
Know how to interact with others online and make smart decisions about what information is shared.
Maintain positive and supportive online relationships. Make smart decisions about how and who they interact with online.
Understand what to do when something doesn’t seem rightknow what to do when things go wrong.
Making connections and sharing via their blogs enables our young people to connect with an authentic audience and provides a rich and engaging platform to learn how to maintain positive and supportive online relationships. We are also using our class blogging platform to build powerful connections across our clusters through Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu, our team blogging programme.