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Manaiakalani is a group or cluster of 13 schools in the Tāmaki Community, Auckland, New Zealand. Together, they have developed the 'Learn, Create, Share' pedagogy, designed to accelerate the acquisition of core subjects whilst bringing the joy back into learning and teaching. Manaiakalani-Google Class OnAir, is one way they have chosen to share their learning with us. Click the link below to visit all of the OnAir Teachers from 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Teachers demonstrate how they develop and apply their inquiry-based teaching practices through visible, rewindable learning on class sites and teacher and student blogs, how they design for and apply 'learn create share', and how they explore 'above the line' task design to make the most of accelerated learning opportunities.

Rewind lessons designed by Class OnAir teachers, with a particular learning focus:

Class OnAir Episodes