P   A   R   E   N   T         T   R   A   I   N   I   N   G         M   O   D   U   L   E   S

Kawa of Care
Digital Immersion
Cybersmart at Home
You can be a Cybersmart parent...

Ever heard of blogs, youtube, facebook, twitter? You may not have, but you can bet your children know all about them and more. We know how easy it is for our kids to navigate their way around the world wide web, but there is no reason for you not to be just as confident. As well as the Toki Pounamu schools and Trust running free training modules on being a CyberSmart parent, this site will have helpful videos and info for you on safety, apps, games, anything and everything! 

If you want to know more about something, we will try find resources to help you out. Enough about our Cybersmart kids, let's work on the next best thing together - being Cybersmart Parents. Check out your school’s website and newsletter, or contact your school to find out about Parent Training Module sessions coming up soon. 

Module 1: Kawa of Care and the Digital Immersion Learning Environment

This is an introductory course split into two parts. 

Part One in this session covers all the physical features of the Chromebook. It also covers important aspects of The Kawa of Care and ways to practically apply the values of this document in the home. 

Part Two is a basic introduction in accessing children’s work from relevant sites. In this session, parents will be shown a classroom site, a classroom blog and then a child's individual blog. 

From here parents will be shown the difference between all three, how each site or/and blog may be relevant for different times and how to effectively use them as a means to engage with children’s learning, to to stay informed. 

These sessions may be run together.

Module 2: The Parent Portal and Cybersmart Values

Module 2 training is for confident users of Chromebooks, split into two parts. 

In Part One, parents will be taught the use of The Parent Portal, and how to use the portal in conjunction with the school site and child's personal blog. 

In Part Two, parents will learn practical Cybersmart values to apply in the home. Parents will also learn specific skills e.g screenshots, safe browsing, checking history of devices and other helpful skills for the home. 

Parents also have the opportunity to learn more about Google products such as docs and gmail (Optional). Offline apps will also be covered, to show parents how to operate machines for learning if there is no access to wireless. 

These sessions may be run together.

Module 3: Searching the Internet and Google Apps

Module 3 training is for those who would like to be further skilled as Cybersmart parents. This session involves parents practising searching skills using Google, and then further investigating resources that could be helpful to them, e.g how to use Google maps, how to search and find their bank, how to google the school site to find notices etc. Parents will also explore Google apps, discovering how they are used by the children and how they can use them in their everyday life too. 

This sessions is very personalised, dependant on what parents are interested in further investigating - the main purpose of these sessions is to use all the skills and knowledge from previous modules and aid parents in becoming independent, confident digital citizens active in their child's world. 

Beginners Module: Getting Started in the Digital World

Beginners Module is for parents who have little to no experience using computers. This is a basic 45 minute session in which parents will learn specifically the basics of their child’s device. In this session, parents can learn basics such as device maintenance, how to power on, how to use the mouse and how to navigate round the different menus. Learn about the difference between logins, improve typing skills and even find relevant apps online that can help you improve in this area. This session can be personalised around what parents are most interested in learning. 

The aim of these sessions are for parents to gain enough confidence to competently be able to complete Module 1.

Specialised Training Sessions

Specialised training sessions are available for groups of parents who would like to learn more about specific topics e.g Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. 

If you find areas of interest in relation to you as a parent or to your children, you are welcome to discuss with your school the possibility of running a session around your specialised topic of choice. 

Often, if you have an interest in a certain area there will be other parents who may be just as curious and interested. 

Please Note:

Most schools in the Toki Pounamu Cluster require you to attend at least one session before the Chromebook can go home with students, It is usually gauged on the day by the school which module may be best suited for you to learn. Some schools may have a specific policy that you must attend one session, where other schools request that you complete Module 1 only. Please contact your school if you require further information on this.