P  A  P  A  R  O  A      R  A  N  G  E      S  C  H  O  O  L

Paparoa Range School was established in 2005 following on from A District Network Review by the Ministry of Education. Brunnerton, Kaiata, and Stillwater schools merged onto the Brunnerton site at Dobson and the blackball School became a satellite school of Paparoa Range. The two schools are approximately 18 kilometres apart. Paparoa Range is a U3 and has a decile 5 rating. We have three classrooms at the Dobson site, and two classrooms at Blackball. Paparoa Range School is located 10 kilometres inland from Greymouth. The Dobson site students come from Dobson, Kaiata, Taylorville, Stillwater, and Ngahere. Blackball site students come mainly from Blackball and Atarau.