C  Y  B  E  R  S  M  A  R  T       T  E  E  N  S

New to Chromebooks, Google, digital creativity tools, High School and Toki Pounamu? Explore these modules:

D I G I T A L  D R I V E R ' S  L I C E N C E
Students will work toward a 'Digital Driver's Licence'. The licence has three levels, beginners, restricted, and full, like a vehicle driver's licence. This approach is designed to support students as they move from primary to secondary school online learning environments, and from children to young adults in the online world. A restricted licence gives students full access to 'chat' features. A full licence gives students  guest access and use of Google Hangouts. The aim is to have all students functioning effectively as 21st century learners, on full licences in the school.

Students earn digital badges, which will be located on their blogs as they earn them at each level. Students can also earn demerit points if they struggle to manage the responsibilities of their licence level, resulting in needing to relearn the modules at the previous licence level, before moving up again. Students will make a blog post that includes their digital learning object and reflection on that module and label the post 'cybersmart', to prove that they have completed and understood the modules.