C  Y  B  E  R  S  M  A  R  T   -   K  A  W  A    O  F    C  A  R  E

The Kawa of Care is an agreement between students, parents and schools to ensure the best care and responsibility is exercised with the Chromebook during each student’s time in the Toki Pounamu programme. There are three important areas to acknowledge as a user of the Chromebook: Responsible use, Chromebook to home, and Insurance agreements.

Kawa of Care Summary

  • I will respect my Chromebook, power charger and bag by looking after them and keeping them safe.

  • I will respect others by using my Chromebook to interact in a kind, positive and helpful way.

  • I will be in the right place, at the right time when I am online. If in doubt I will ask my teacher or parent.

  • I will carry my Chromebook with two hands.

  • I will protect my password and keep it secret.

  • I will log out when I am not using my Chromebook.

  • When I take my Chromebook home, I will keep it safe when I am not using it.

  • I will bring my Chromebook back to school everyday, charged and ready to use.

  • No food or drink is allowed near my Chromebook.

  • If I leave the classroom or house my Chromebook wll be locked in the chosen safe place.

  • I will carry my Chromebook bag by its handles OR inside a suitable school bag.

  • I will not put the charger in the Chromebook bag.

  • I will protect it from rain, wet and damp.